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I’m Sarah Kay Love (yes, that’s my real name) and I’m here to help you - whether you’re a creative professional, businessperson or photographer - build the brand of your dreams and bring your Pinterest board to life!

I create and produce editorial and commercial photoshoots, curate images, bring creative concepts to life, increase engagement, and boost revenue for creative professionals, hospitality businesses and iconic brands.

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I’ll sharpen your brand, get you published and promoted.

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see how

I’ll sharpen your brand, get you published and promoted.

Maybe you are a creative entrepreneur looking to attract more clients. Perhaps you’re a hotel or venue looking to increase your social media following. Or wait, maybe you’re a lifestyle brand that’s really dying to get published in a premier publication in your industry.

From driving more traffic to your website, choosing images that will appeal to your client, to telling a compelling story through well produced photoshoots that are on-brand, I’m here to help you.


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Rebecca Yale

Sourced co.

The knot

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"What I found really unique about Sarah's feedback was that she didn't just tell me to change something with no reasoning behind it. Instead she took the time to illustrate exactly why something was successful where something else failed so I was able to learn and can now think deeper about it when I make future website and graphic design choices.”

- Rebecca Yale, Photographer


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